Our Story

A Bit More About How And Why PLYT Was Created

Hi, we’re Ian and Lisa and back in 2008, our 2 children were in the early years of primary school starting to learn maths and basic numeracy.   Every so often they’d come home with a puzzle or maths game designed to help them learn and we’d sit and play it with them.  Unfortunately, it was normally a game of pure luck, or the best player would win and everyone had to dumb down to the lowest level.  We liked the idea of learning maths through play and we loved board games so we tried to find a game that we could all play together where we were all challenged and yet all had the same chance of winning.

Sadly we couldn't find one ... so we developed our own. A couple of laminated sheets and a few components later, PLYT was born! As for the name – it was a family vote and PLYT was the winner. Can you guess what is stands for?

PLYT logo on cbcbcb


Can you guess what PLYT stands for ?*

When we started playing the children were 7 and 5. They both started on 2 dice with one throwing both dice, and the other having one of the dice fixed on a number (rotating between 2, 5 or 10) to concentrate on specific times table.  We (the adults) also wanted a challenge so started on 3 & 4 dice.

We never thought of it as an educational maths game – just a great way to spend some time together.  Even better, the more we played, the better we got.  Everyone’s confidence with numbers grew quickly, especially the children, and we learnt simple techniques to work out the answers – some of which are included in the Top Tips section.

Co-incidentally, in August of the same year, whilst enjoying a weekend break in the Lake District, Ian was bitten by a tick and became very ill. Unfortunately we didn’t know anything about ticks at the time and it wasn’t until June 2009 he was eventually diagnosed with Lyme disease. Despite various courses of treatment over the years, Ian was forced to take time off work, mid 2012, in an attempt to make a full recovery. The anticipated 3-6 month absence turned into over 2 years but fortunately, he’s made great progress and is hoping for a full recovery. (If you would like to know more about Lyme Disease please visit the Lyme site here.  And if you are unlucky enough to be bitten by a tick - seek medical advice immediately -  don't suffer alone and in silence)

During that forced absence, Ian needed something to keep him occupied and as we still enjoyed playing PLYT he pulled together a few prototypes of the game to take into the local school.

lyme disease on cbcbcb

Untitled design (5)The feedback we received from trialling the games at local schools was amazing and for the first time we seriously thought about launching PLYT. We had pupils and teachers asking where they could buy it and one Head teacher adding that “everyone in the school should have a copy of this game”. When we first designed the game, we had no idea or intention of it ever being launched, but as we’d benefitted so much from playing we hoped others might also get something out of playing it too. 

We are passionate about improving maths and we realised the importance of giving children confidence with numbers at an early age so they never say "I'm rubbish at maths!"  We found that playing our fun family game can do just that for everyone.

Since launching, some great independent research was published which proves the game works (see research ) and PLYT has also been endorsed by National Numeracy and leading maths consultants as one of the most effective games available.

Our aim is to try to  increase everyone's confidence with numbers in a fun and engaging way and we intend to bring more new games to you in the future – in 2016 we hope to introduce a new travel maths game, shortly followed by our new maths strategy game. And whilst we still enjoy the face to face aspects of a board game, we know we can’t ignore technology and will be looking to get our games into a mobile format as soon as possible.

We also run our daily #Plyter on Twitter and Facebook at 19:30 each day. A light hearted, multiple choice challenge, supported by some fantastic companies, who kindly offer you the chance to win a great monthly prize. Like or Follow us and we’d love to see you give it a go.

We hope you enjoy Plyting and if you have any comments, please feel free to contact us.     And if you see references to Lyme on the site, now you know why.

*The name PLYT came from a family brainstorming session - we liked the names "play it" and "multiply it" so we decided to combine them and came up with the name PLYT (pronounced Plight) 🙂