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PLYT Game - The Original

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If you are looking for a fun competitive game that's proven to improve maths, that everyone can play together no matter what their age or ability and that kids love, then look no further.

PLYT is a super flexible, unique, numbers board game for all ages 4+.  It's easy to play, competitive and fun.  Everyone is challenged and everyone has the same chance of winning making it perfect for families or in schools. It's been proven to improve the maths of both children and adults so no wonder it's been endorsed by National Numeracy.

But the best thing is that children love playing it and don't realise they are even doing maths!   


NumBugz - 7 Games in One

BUY NumBugz  £17.49

NumBugz is Bugz of fun for the whole family.  There are currently 7 different games to play inside this light and portable bag of Bugz.  Take the risk out of buying a game - there's a game for everyone to enjoy in here.

The games range from strategy games to memory games to quick fun games and we're still developing more!  Inside the game you'll find the rules for Colonyz - the most complex game - think scrabble with numbers and all other rules will be sent via email or are available with videos of how to play here on the website.

If you're looking for a great value game with lots of choice these little Bugz are for you.

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Whotchilli - Can You Beat The Heat?

BUY Whotchilli £9.99

Want some hot new family card games with a difference?  Looking for something you can play at home or on your travels? If so you need our brand new game Whotchilli.

This is a little box full of multiple hot family card games for 2-6 players aged 6+.  The rules for 3 of our games are included inside the box - Lookin' Hot, Salsa and Chilly Chilli but we already have another game to play with these cards - Scorchio - and we're working on even more.  We'll send the new games to customers FREE of charge when they are hot enough to play or they are available on our website here

Whotchilli - can you beat the heat?  

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