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PLYTIME Tutoring

 This shows what we're aiming to achieve with PLYTime Tutoring:-



To help us do this, we're building a Network of approved PLYTime tutors -  all self-employed  - so they can to provide  sessions to suit their work-life balance.


Once a PLYTime Tutor has run at least 50 sessions, they can also become a Lead Tutor - by themselves recruiting new Tutors. 

As a reward for helping to grow the Network (and assisting their tutors in delivering great service & growing their business) they will also receive a monthly fee from PLYT Games.


Why become a PLYTIME Tutor?

Everyone has a different reason for doing what they do, but we thought it might help you decide whether it’s right for you with a quick summary of what PLYTime Tutoring can offer:


Help children to reach their potential using proven resources.


Work when, where and how you want.


PLYTime Tutors are self-employed.


Earn more as a Tutor or a Lead Tutor than you could as a traditional Tutor.


Benefit from the support and help of the Network of PLYTime Tutors.


So is PLYTIME Tutoring right for you?

To decide whether PLYTime Tutoring is right for you there are a few questions you need to ask yourself.  If you can answer yes to these questions then becoming a PLYTime Tutor maybe just what you’re looking for.



Revenue correct as of January 2018

Tutors can determine what they charge based on their costs and location

We advise £7.50 - £15 per player per session

Based on 10 sessions per week for 4 players you could earn between £11k-£25k per year

If a customer uses your unique code when they order a game, they benefit from a 10% discount and you receive a 10% commission

Based on 10 sessions per week, with 4 players in each with 10% going on to buy a game, you could earn over £300 per year

If you become a Lead Tutor by recruiting other Tutors to the Network you will receive a fee per tutor per week - and if they become Lead Tutors you receive even more 




Fees correct as of January 2018

In return for which you’ll receive the Tutor Pack including:

- 2 copies of PLYT, NumBugz and Whotchilli
- A pack of personalised flyers (with your unique Tutor code)
- A pack of personalised business cards
- Initial web based training
- Access to the PLYTime website


Payable to PLYT as a standing order


PLYTIME Application Process

All Tutors go through the same application process before they are approved to deliver PLYTime sessions



To get a better understanding of PLYTime, register your interest by entering a few details here. We’ll call you for a quick chat and then send through the information by email.



When you’ve decided you want to become a PLYTime Tutor, complete the application form (online or via email):



If your application is accepted, you'll be invited to attend an online interview with us that will last between 30 to 60 minutes.  



Once your application has been approved you’ll be asked to set up your online profile, confirm your Enhanced DBS check and Public Liability insurance are in place and pay the Initial Fee.



Comprehensive Training will be split into 3 sessions - held every week via webinar.

Once you’ve been through the training, you’re free to enjoy delivering your PLYTime sessions when ever and where ever you choose.