PLYTIME Performance


How will my child progress with PLYTIME? 

Based on years of experience, we've created the PLYTIME performance system to measure progress through the basics of KS1 and KS2 maths.  It not only shows how well your child is doing but it also helps our tutors understand when it's right for a child to move up a level or perhaps when they need a little more focus on a particular area.



The average PLYTIME performance improvement currently achieved is 10% per session*


*(based on at least 6 sessions).




We focus on getting the basics right - it won't happen over night but the more sessions you play the better you get  



By monitoring the PLYTIME performance of every child, you can easily see the progress they are making.   

Here's an example of a Performance Chart that you will receive from your child's tutor.

Performance for 9 year old over 6 PLYTIME Sessions

The moving average shows their overall progress and how much they've improved