PLYTIME helps improve confidence with numbers using games


PLYTIME helps your child to


How Does PLYTIME Work?

PLYTIME sessions focus on helping your children improve basic maths and are run in schools, your Tutor’s home or local venues.



Sessions are open to any age but are ideal for children aged between 6 and 11. All tutors are approved and DBS checked.


Sessions are usually run for between 4-6 players at a time – so each player gets the right level of attention and support.

Your Tutor chooses what to play at each session to provide a level of competitive fun that meets the needs of the players.




Your Tutor will offer the appropriate help and encouragement to ensure your child enjoys the games and learns as they’re playing.


Every child is challenged at a level that is right for them – your tutor will focus on helping your child be their best and not necessarily the best.


Tutors will track your child’s PLYTIME performance at each session so you can see how they’re progressing.


You can provide your Tutor with online feedback through our SeQuVa rating system.




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What makes PLYTIME unique?

Learning through play offers so much more

 -Having fun without realising they’re learning

-Enjoying face to face interaction and a chance to build friendships & have fun

-Improving concentration

-Developing social and competitive skills

                                           -Building confidence and resilience



Proven to help improve basic maths

-Endorsed by National Numeracy

- Focused on developing a confident “can-do” attitude

- Children progress at their own pace

- Establishes solid foundations and understanding of numbers

- Performance tracked so improvements are clearly visible



Approved DBS checked Tutors 

-Cheaper than a traditional 1-to-1 tutor

-No long term commitment

-Visible SeQuVa Ratings



What Parents say about PLYTIM:-

Our eldest has been doing this for a few weeks now and loves it. We are seeing a big improvement in her maths skills as well.

Paul - Daughter aged 9, April 2018

My daughter is really enjoying the sessions and her confidence with numbers has greatly improved.

Jenny, Daughter aged 9, April 2018

She is loving the sessions - so glad you run them it’s great 
Really appreciate how you are helping her and building her confidence

Julia, Daughter aged 9, June 2018


Checkout our Tutor's SeQuVa Ratings


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