PLYTIME is a great new tutoring concept designed to help children master the maths basics and build confidence with numbers.  

In simple terms we play face to face games with children aged from 6 to 11. But the secret to our success is combining super-flexible, proven and endorsed games, with fantastic Tutors who encourage and help children to be their best, whilst ensuring they have fun and develop important social skills at the same time.

PLYTIME game sessions have a serious purpose but are designed to be enjoyed by both children and Tutors.  See PLYTIME Reviews 


How Does PLYTIME Work?


Most PLYTime sessions focus on helping children improve basic maths and are run in schools, the Tutor’s home or local venues.


Sessions are open to any age - but are ideal for children aged between 6 and 11. Sessions are pre-booked directly with an approved Tutor on a Pay as you Play basis.


Sessions are usually run for between 4-6 players at a time – so each player gets the right level of attention and support.

Your Tutor chooses what to play at each session to provide a level of competitive fun that meets the needs of the players.




Throughout the games, the Tutor offers the appropriate help and encouragement to ensure the children enjoy the games and learns as they’re playing.


Every child is challenged at a level that is right for them – your tutor focuses on helping them to be their best and not necessarily the best.


Tutors and children track their PLYT performance at each session so they (and parents) can see how they’re progressing and help their confidence to grow.


As the children improve and enjoy playing, we hope they’ll sign up for more sessions and provide great online SeQuVa feedback for the Tutor.


Why Choose PLYTIME ?

PLYTime helps children improve basic maths by

- Using games that are proven by research and endorsed by National Numeracy and leading maths consultants - designed to cover a large amount of KS1 & KS2 numeracy

- Using excellent approved Tutors to ensure each child enjoys the sessions (all Tutors are DBS checked)

- Having a Tutor-player ratio of no more than 1 to 6 in each session

- Tracking performance so improvements are clearly visible


 Focusing on building great foundations in basic maths so the child develops a confident “can-do” attitude - the sooner those foundations are set, the better!



 Learning through play offers so much more

 - It is more likely to be welcomed by a child

- It provides face to face interaction a chance to build friendships and have fun

- It develops social and competitive skills that come with playing games such as taking turns, respect, empathy, dignity in winning and losing

- It improves concentration

- It builds confidence and resilience

- It provides a welcome break from technology

We offer competitive fun games that encourage children to challenge themselves and improve but our focus isn’t on winning – it’s about every child being their best , having fun and improving.


PLYTime offers great value for money without commitment

- Parents book in advance for pay as you play sessions

- No long term commitment or notice periods – if it isn’t working they just let you know they won’t be back


Tutors are responsible for their own session prices dependent on location - typically £7.50-£15 per session

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