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NumBugz is the only travel game you’ll need to take away with you this year.

There are 7 different number games in 1 so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.  Plus they come in a cute drawstring bag that’s light and easy to carry with you no matter where you’re going.

NumBugz has been endorsed by National Numeracy as one of the best number games available and with such a good range of games to play it’s great value for money.

Pick your favourite of the six lovely Bugz families included and then choose from a wide range of games to play :-

  • Colonyz – the most complex game – think scrabble with numbers – can you use your number skills to be the first to link all of your Bugz to the Colony?
  • Legionz – think strategically and see if you can grow the biggest Bugz chain whilst stopping your opponents create a longer Legion.
  • 25z – the quick fun game of probability and bluff
  • SumBugz – a quick and easy game of prediction
  • Sequenz – race against each other or the timer to master your number sequences
  • Memorize – use your memory skills to be the first to collect your complete set of Bugz – it’s much harder than it sounds
  • Pairz – match the most Bugz in this quick memory game

NumBugz is a bag full of fun games that will take 5-30 mins – but will last a lifetime

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NumBugz are more than just a single game – they’re a whole bag full of great number games that you can take with you and play wherever you go. The rules for Colonyz are included in the game and all the other rules and videos of how to play are available on the website plus we’ll send you a copy via email when you buy the game.

There are six families of 25 fun Bugz for you to play with – all with their own characters – just make sure that you pick the one that you like best!  Then choose one of the many new games to play with them.  The games range in complexity and type:-

Colonyz is our numbers game featured in the rules.  It’s the most complex game on the bag – think Scrabble with numbers and use calculations to link all your Bugz to the Colony, before the timer runs out.   From very young players, linking individual Bugz in number sequences, to more advanced players, linking 5 Bugz in a single calculation – everyone is challenged, but everyone has the same chance of winning as players determine risk vs reward on every turn.

Why not develop your ability to think ahead with our strategy game, Legionz?    Link Bugz together in a way that helps you build the longest Legion of Bugz, whilst stopping your opponents creating a longer one.

If there are lots of you or you just fancy a quick, fun game of probability and bluff try 25z.  Feed your Bugz and try to get closest to 25 without popping!

SumBugz is our quick fun guessing game where you try to predict the total of the Bugz in yours and your opponents hands.  Again this can be played by many players.

Help young players understand number sequences with Sequenz . It’s a fast game that can be played head to head or as a single player against the timer.

Memorize is a game that really tests your memory – can you be the first person to collect your complete set of Bugz?  It’s much harder than it sounds!

Pairz is a quick game of memory – can you remember where the numbers are and collect the most Pairz of Bugz to win the game?

NumBugz is a Bag Full of Fun Number Games for the Whole Family that you can take with you and play wherever you go.  With such a good range it’s the only travel game you’ll need with you this year.

Checkout our rules and videos for each of the NumBugz games here.

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Additional information

Number of Players

1-6 players

Age range

4 years plus


Small Parts Not Suitable For Children Under 3 Years of Age – Choking Hazard


Bugz Bag for storage and travel containing: 6 different sets of 25 Bugz, a 30 second sand timer and a rule booklet

2 reviews for NumBugz

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    NumBugz is great as a travel game as it also helps children build their confidence and to improve their numeracy. It can be played many times over and there is flexibility for you to make up your own game/rules. I would definitely recommend this game.

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  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    I have had great fun trying out all the various games and thoroughly enjoyed them all. Colonyz itself is ingeniously differentiated and – as with PLYT- enables adults to play with children on a level playing field due to the varying complexities of the calculations chosen. The online videos are particularly helpful – I have to say that the ‘quick rules’ were initially confusing.
    On the whole, each game develops different mathematical skills. The bugs – and their characters! – are appealing and cleverly extends into the names of the games.
    My husband and I played all the games and tested their potential so I am very happy to recommend NumBugz for inclusion in the National Numeracy Family Maths Toolkit alongside PLYT.

    Well done on your ingenuity in continuing to produce games which are mathematically sound and yet so much fun that children are more than happy to practise their calculations and – as importantly – their reasoning and thinking skills.

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