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Want some hot new family card games with a difference?

Think you can beat the heat?

If so you need our brand new game Whotchilli.

This is a little box full of multiple hot family card games for you to enjoy at home or on your travels.  There are 6 sets of chilli cards and a 12 sided spice dice inside the box all desperate to play.

The games are for 2-6 players, aged 6+ and they take between 5-30 minutes to play.

Read the minds of your opponents to work out whotchilli they’re playing when Lookin’ Hot, use logic to work out whotchillis are in your opponent’s Salsa recipe and remember whotchillis have moved where as you try to build the coolest hand with Chilly Chilli.  They are the 3 games in the box rules but we already have 2 more games to play with the cards.  These are sent to customers or available on the rules page.

The price shown includes V.A.T. and 2nd class post & packing within UK.  You can choose different delivery options if you require.  We can deliver to any country listed within the cart.  Where the country is outside the EU, the VAT is removed. All local taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.

If you want to beat the rush and get ahead of the game you can PRE- Order your Whotchillis here (due around November 2017)

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Whotchilli games are for people who enjoy competitive, fun and mentally stimulating number games.  They are perfect to play at home or take on your travels.

Whotchilli gives you the choice of different games, but they get angry if forced to sit in dark cupboards for long – and no one likes an angry Whotchilli.   So that’s why we’ll keep developing Whotchilli games and release them to you when they’re hot enough – you can find details of all the games on the rules page.    The starting 3 games that are included in the rules are:

Lookin’ hot – all about reading the minds of your opponents to work out whotchilli they’re playing whilst  using cunning and skill to bluff and double bluff each other.   The hottest player wins the game leaving everyone else feelin’ chilli. A fast, fun game for 3 to 6 players

Salsa – a game of logic for 2 to 3 players as you try to work out whotchillis are in your opponent’s Salsa recipe.  Build your rating and try to be the first to unlock the recipe.

Chilly Chilli – a game for 2 to 6 players where you try to stay cool by remembering whotchillis have moved where.  The coolest hand wins the game.

We will continue to create games to play with your Whotchillis and we already have 2 more – Scorchio (build the hottest score by correctly predicting the number of tricks you will win) and Heat Seeker (use your investigative skills to taste the chilli cards and locate all of the hottest ).  The rules for these games will be available on our website and we’ll also send them to all our customers via email – in case this is easier for you.

We recommend you have a pen and paper handy for some of our games to help keep score.

All our games are designed to be fun, mentally stimulating and suitable for families of all ages and abilities to enjoy together for years to come.

PLYT games are endorsed by National Numeracy and leading maths consultants.

Checkout our rules and videos for each of the Whotchilli games here

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Additional information

Weight 0.092 kg
Dimensions 9 x 6.6 x 2.3 cm
Number of Players

2-6 Players

Age range

6+ Years


Small Parts Not Suitable For Children Under 3 Years of Age – Choking Hazard


36 Chilli Cards (6 sets of 6 cards), a 12-sided spice dice, a card box and game rules for 3 games

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