Why is PLYT so good for Schools?

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PLYT covers much of the KS1/2 Curriculum


PLYT can be used to cover the KS1/KS2 Curriculum as part of a fun game:-

  • Number Recognition and Counting, in ones, steps/multiples
  • Number Bonds - up to 20
  • Recognition of place value
  • Addition and Subtraction of single or multiple numbers
  • Multiplication up to 12
  • Mental Strategies
  • Commutative Law - swapping orders of numbers to be added/multiplied eg 5x7=7x5
  • Associative Law - numbers can be added/multiplied in different groupings eg 7x5x8 = 7x(5x8)
  • Distributive Law - solving problems involving multiplying & adding eg 6x108 = 6x100 +6x8
  • Mental calculations with increasingly large numbers, including mixed operations
  • BODMAS - using knowledge of the order of operations and using multi step operations
  • Factors - identifying multiples and factors of numbers
  • Fractions - multiply, add and subtract fractions




PLYT and the maths curriculum


PLYT is great for mixed ability classes

PLYT is Really Flexible


  • PLYT can be used in and across all years 1-6
  • PLYT can be tailored to fit the curriculum and the time available
  • Different levels of ability can compete at the same time - PLYT is not about being THE best at maths it's about being YOUR best.

Each player plays to their own individual standard, so you could have one player adding two dice, one practicing a specific times table and another simply multiplying 2 dice.  Each player will be challenged and each has the same chance of winning.  

This means that the less able mathematicians can win at a maths game - which is fantastic for building their confidence with numbers.  It also means that teachers can use one resource for the entire class and by deciding the standard, effectively tailors the game for each child.  



PLYT is Great Value For Money (and there’s no extra planning or marking to do)

  • PLYT can be used for all classes within the school, and all children within a class
  • Saves teachers time and effort searching for numeracy resources to cover areas of the curriculum
  • PLYT is a long lasting resource (no 2 games played are ever the same) & it allows players to progress
  • PLYT is a resource that’s PROVEN to work see research
  • We offer school discounts and special courses for schools
    • For UK Schools: A case of 6 games delivered for £109.95 incl VAT saving a massive 26% (website price £148.03) – Please contact us to order PLYT for your school
    • For UK Parents: When a school orders a case of games we will also supply a 10% discount coupon for the parents to use on this website. A great way for the schools to encourage parents to engage with their child’s learning and help build solid foundations at home – a small bonus to include in the school newsletter.
    • For UK Teachers: A PLYT training course to bring everyone easily up to speed with the options & ensure the whole school gets the most out of the game – taking anywhere from 1 to 3 hours it’s both efficient and effective. Costs shown below all include a case of 6 games as above
      •Course over the web £250+VAT
      •Course delivered in person for :-   
    • <10 participants = £310+VAT + travel surcharge 
    • >10 participants (max 30) = £500+VAT + travel surcharge

(Travel surcharge – using freemaptools – if “distance on land transport “is greater than 50 miles from WA13 then add £1.50 per additional mile  

  • We provide a free chart to help teachers and pupils monitor individual progress.  This also encourages pupils to push themselves and to keep improving.

Please contact us to order a PLYT course or a case of games for your school

For all other countries please contact us for further details. 

When and Where could Schools use PLYT?

Ideal for working through the curriculum

  • In the classroom
  • Group work - SEN, G&T, with TA's
  • Golden Time/Wet Play

Great for fun challenges and representing your class/school

  • Inter/Intra School Competitions
  • Class/Year Group Champions
  • After School Club

Brilliant for encouraging Parental Engagement

  • Family play/homework
  • Parent & Child Fundraising Competitions




Watch our short series of videos here to see how PLYT can help you and your school.