Why are PLYT Games so good for Schools?



2-6 Players  Age 4+

PLYT is the maths board game that's proven to help improve maths and confidence with numbers.  Plus kids love it and don't realise that they are learning - it's maths by stealth.

PLYT is perfect for use in schools as it is so flexible:-

  • it can be used in and across all years 1-6
  • it can be tailored to fit the time available and the curriculum (PLYT covers much of the KS1/2 Curriculum - see below)
  • it can be used in the classroom, in small groups, for maths competitions and even to increase parental engagement
  • it's perfect for mixed abilities - PLYT is about being YOUR best at maths not THE best at maths.

Each player plays to their own individual standard, so you could have one player adding two dice, one practicing a specific times table and another simply multiplying 2 dice.  Each player will be challenged and each has the same chance of winning.  

This means that the less able mathematicians can win at a maths game - which is fantastic for building their confidence with numbers.  It also means that teachers can use one resource for the entire class and by deciding the standard, effectively tailors the game for each child. 

Read our Blog   -  How 5 Hours of PLYT Improved School Children's Maths by 19%


1-6 Players  Age 4+

NumBugz is more than a single game - its a bag full of different games to play with these bright cute Bugz (10+ games).   The games are all based on numbers and range in complexity Here's a sample:-

  • Colonyz - a complex calculation game - think scrabble with numbers - as players use different types of calculations, based on their ability, to add their Bugz to the colony.  
  • 25z - players use addition to try to make their Bugz the closest to 25 without popping
  • SumBugz - the Guesstimating addition game where players estimate the total Bugz in hands
  • Sequenz - for younger players to recognise and put their Bugz in the correct number Sequence
  • RumBugz - using maths to collect specific number sequences and then be the first to get rid of your remaining Bugz - rummy with Bugz
  • Memorize - a concentration game where players have to remember which numbers they have collected - it's harder than you think
  • Legionz - a strategy game to try to build the longest legion whilst stopping competitors building a longer one
  • Pairz - a fun memory game to collect the most Bugz pairs encouraging concentration  

There's Bagz of Bugz fun to be had with NumBugz and plenty more games available here


2-6 Players  Age 6+

Whotchilli is a little box full of great number games which are really going to challenge and excite pupils.

Again all games are based on numbers and players will be practising maths without realising how hard they are working:-

  • Lookin' Hot - players try to read the minds of opponents to work out whotchilli they’re playing and use multiplication, addition and subtraction to work out who is lookin'hot and who is feelin’ chilli.
  • Salsa - a game of logic as players try to work out whotchillis are in their opponent’s Salsa recipe.  Players use addition calculations to rate the guesses and try to unlock the recipe
  • Chilly Chilli - players try to stay cool by remembering whotchillis have moved where.  They calculate who is the coolest hand to win the game
  • Scorchio - players try to build the hottest score by correctly predicting the number of tricks they will win.  This game is based on multiplication and logic and players will really use their maths skills in this fast paced game.

These bright chilli cards make a great addition to the classroom and children will love playing with them whilst practising their maths skills in the process.  All game rules are available here 

What does PLYT Games do for Schools?

Here at PLYT we are passionate about helping to improve confidence with numbers and getting away from the "I'm rubbish at maths" mentality.  We want to help teachers and schools as much as we can so we offer:-


School Discounts:- 

  • a case of 6 games of PLYT - delivered for £109.95 incl VAT (27% discount on website price £149.94)
  • a case of 12 games of NumBugz - delivered for £177.95 incl VAT (15% discount on website price £209.88)
  • a case of 12 games of Whotchilli - delivered for £101.90 incl VAT (15% discount on website price £119.88)

 Please contact us to order PLYT Games for your school

    • ALSO: When a school orders a case of games we will also supply a 10% discount coupon for the parents to use on this website. A great way for the schools to encourage parents to engage with their child’s learning and help build solid foundations at home – a small bonus to include in the school newsletter

Teacher Courses:- 

A PLYT training course to bring all teachers easily up to speed with the rules and options for each class & to ensure the whole school gets the most out of the games – taking anywhere from 1 to 3 hours it’s both efficient and effective. Costs shown below all include a case of 6 PLYT games 

  • Online courses start at £250+VAT 
  • Course delivered in person start at £310 + VAT + travel surcharge   

Please contact us to order a PLYT course for your school

Games Days:- 

As offered on the STEM Directory  The Plyting Fun day  is a day of maths by stealth - children will play our face to face competitive PLYT maths games, which they love, without realising they are even working.  It’s a great day for the children but it doesn’t stop there as a case of 6 games of your choice are included in the price of the course and these are left with your school for you to continue to play, enjoy and see your children’s maths skills really improve!  We can run a Plyting Fun games day tailored to the needs of the school, using all or any of our games PLYT, NumBugz or Whotchilli. Plyting Fun courses start at £600 + VAT + travel surcharge

Please contact us to order a Plyting Fun for your school

Top Tips:- 

We offer top tips on our website to help children start to understand how to combine numbers and therefore increase their confidence.  These are tips created by parents to help their children with maths at home & can be used by teachers, parents or children. See our Top Tips here

For Schools outside the UK please contact us for further details. 

Best maths game I've ever seen

Fantastic for teaching mastery of number

Catheryn Foster - Deputy Head, St Andrew's C of E Primary School, Orford

It challenges and supports.  It's so versatile and you can use it all levels

Claire Rodgers - Numeracy Co-ordinator, Manchester Grammar Junior School

I highly recommend this game.  It has been a great addition to my classroom math resources and my students always request to play it

Josie McKay - 4th Grade High Ability Teacher, Towne Elementary

It has everything a game should have - competition, challenge and a bit of luck - a brilliant game

Chris Moore - Head Teacher, James Brindley Community Primary School

 Watch our short series of videos here  to see how PLYT can help you and your school.

Don't forget - PLYT covers much of the KS1/2 Curriculum

  • Number Recognition and Counting, in ones, steps/multiples
  • Number Bonds - up to 20
  • Recognition of place value
  • Addition and Subtraction of single or multiple numbers
  • Multiplication up to 12
  • Mental Strategies
  • Commutative Law - swapping orders of numbers to be added/multiplied eg 5x7=7x5
  • Associative Law - numbers can be added/multiplied in different groupings eg 7x5x8 = 7x(5x8)
  • Distributive Law - solving problems involving multiplying & adding eg 6x108 = 6x100 +6x8
  • Mental calculations with increasingly large numbers, including mixed operations
  • BODMAS - using knowledge of the order of operations and using multi step operations
  • Factors - identifying multiples and factors of numbers
  • Fractions - multiply, add and subtract fractions

Watch PLYT being used in inter school maths competitions